Chicken & veggies mix sandwich


Just one of those lazy days when you are searching for some easy quick fix to start your mornings with.And this recipe that i am about to share is our family’s all time favourite

It is very inspired by the toppings of pizza and so you can obviously make your own permutations and combinations.

Ingredients: Boiled and shredded chicken, baby spinach boiled and cut into small pcs,green bell pepper,broccoli,cheddar cheese,red chilli powder,1 clove of garlic ,salt to taste,one tsp tomato ketchup.img_1542Start by warming up some olive oil ,about 2 tsps should just be enough,and roast the grated garlic in it .Add some cumins seeds ,1/2 tsp ,and fry them as well.Keep your veggies mix all ready and as you are sure add them all. img_1548

Sauté  them on a low flame and let the mix cook for a while.Add some tomato ketchup,salt and pepper(can use black or red or both depending on your spice absorption level).Mix again and then take it off the burner.

Take your bread slices

Spread the mix and add the cheese ,of course you can be as stingy or liberal as you feel.these sandwiches are now ready to be toasted or grilled .I love toasting them on the pan as they retain the moisture and are not dry crispy.img_1565

Yeah ….all done

they are ready to be served

I was literally struggling to find words so that i could make this post look like a lot of work.But see the recipe is so simple and finishes off in such easy steps that you will be surprised.With a finale so finger licking good you are only going to be back soon to cook this again.Enjoy and do post your comments ,share your pictures and your experience if you choose to try this .I will be only motivated to do more…

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