Lets not be predictable cause even life isn’t

WOW! What a morning it is .From a scorching humid day to a pleasant cloudy ,Melbourne is everything but predictable.And i have started liking this .Each day is different, full of surprises.Prepare yourself for the worst and be happy for the best .

Having said so,another thought crosses my mind and i am like why all food blogs work in the same boring format …recipes,ingredients,nutrients,lets make ,blah …..blah…blah.Why do these blogs have to be so predictable??

Lets break the Monotony and break the pattern.I want to talk about everything about learning the art of cooking.What goes in the making ,behind the scenes,what happens on the worktable and after.How to keep the pantry clean and how to store ?After all this is important and these process can make or break our spirits .

It is like i have a fetish for clean tabletops….my mind just does not function if there is just too much on it or around it.So i always clean up the space and put the stuff back where it belongs and then start creating my mess .

Hmm….so what is yours ??

What is it that you would like to read ,like to know ,like to get inspired to do ?

Share with me and let me do the digging .Leave some comments ,suggestions and lets surprise each other.

Shall we?

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