Indian bread has its own taste and people who are addicted to it are its biggest fans.Roti,Naan ,Paratha or Puri they are made in so many versions which has only evolved with generations.I have to admit that Roti is my all time weakness and I just get overboard whenever I do indulge.

Hmm …..so what can I do ?

Change the grain .Yes, perhaps if we choose to use alternative grains like Jowar or Bajra it will be more healthier but then the taste goes for a toss.So I am on my expedition to find a tasteful swap only not to deprive myself .

This was sometime back when we were in Dubai and i had been to one of the fine dining Lebanese restaurants.As we ordered the main course we were served with this amazing hummus ,some Lebanese bread .Traditionally made of white flour aka Maida this one was brown and had grains on it with some twinkling sesame seeds.OMG it was so good i just remember hogging just that the whole time.

The taste had made a mark into my memory bank and since then i just wanted to replicate the same taste somehow.

So here is my version

Ingredients: Multigrain wholemeal flour ,Oats barn,Salt to taste

Method :

Make your dough using water,salt and multigrain flour .img_2656

Get your tools ready .The cooking pan aka Tava should be on medium flame (just hot enough not burning with flames coming out).Start with small roll of the dough sprinkled with oat barn all over.Get the rolling pin and start rolling on the dough.


Keep sprinkling the barn now and then as the dough is shaping into a circle.Put it on the pan as in when you have reached the desired shape and size.img_2659

With grains all over this roti ,it does take a little bit time to cook so be patient.Cook both the sides and if you are new to this ….look for some browning spots on the surface .

Remove it then from the pan and get it on the flame to add some texture and of course to  cook.Make sure you do reverse the sides and let the flame do its magic.

DAH-DA ready to eat.Smear it with some ghee or butter and enjoy it .

Post your photos if you do try this or reach out to me incase you get stuck somewhere.Trust me there is nobody else but me who would like to know more about your experience .

So till next time …..

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