Pulse with Pulses (aka Dal)

My new found love for Indian Pulses aka Dals is driving me crazy and i am only thinking of how to use,cook  this ingredient differently.I am not going to fill this post with the benefits of consuming more pulses but would like to definitely suggest that if you are on the mission of losing some weight, want to stay more healthy and consume more plant based proteins than you might want to pay attention.

I always try to make my recipes to follow easy instructions so even if you are a newbie to cooking please don’t fear cause nothing can really go wrong .


2 cups of Yellow Spilt peas aka Channa dal, 1 small boiled potato , Gram flour aka Besan, 1 onion, 2 green chillies , 1/2 cup of coriander aka Cilantro


Start by keeping the Pulse soaked overnight in a bowl full of water.


Next morning we get into grinding and have to take care that the grinder should have only the soaked pulses ,no water .I have used the cinnamon spice stick (say about one whole stick ) and then have blended them all together. Here we  are not looking for a smooth paste but for a more coarser one where you can still feel the granular texture of the mix .

Now add Chopped white onions, chopped coriander , salt to taste ,mashed boiled potato and mix them all together .We will add some Gram flour now ,and this is where you need to make a sound judgement regarding the quantity .As this ingredient is only being added as a binding agent, after adding 1/4 cup start making dumplings in your hand. You will know by the feel if the mixture is going to hold its shape .

Get your non stick pan and drizzle a little oil as we are going to pan fry them.



Wait for them to turn into brown …nice brown .Keep drizzling the oil on them as they cook

Ta-dah ready .Have them with mint chutney or tomato ketchup whatever you prefer .

Don’t forget to tag me when you post it on your social media page ….njoy.

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