Smart Snack

“S “is my favourite word in the whole wide world.

  • S is for Smile
  • S is for Snack
  • S is for Smart

How about we put them all together and say SMART SNACK for wider SMILES.

I will admit i am a snacker. And I do struggle to keep my hands away from food. The twist comes when moderation has been advised .Hmmm… can be hard .

But see our mind has the capability to think out of the box provided that it is pushed by our mighty heart cause the heart always finds its way.

Where there is a will there’s a way

IMG_3088.jpgWanted to make a quickie as i was sitting down to work . My hands were reaching out to that corner shelf where i had all the snacks pilled up and took the smallest pack of these wholegrain chips to eat with hummus. We all know carrots and hummus are like best buddies and there ……flashed in my mind ,what an idea! lets try to use the same ingredient but lets reverse the order.Instead of the chip base lets use carrots as the base with grain chips as the toppings.

So I started slicing the carrots making sure that they were at least 2 ” long.Love hummus hence decided to be generous . Finally crushed the chips with hands and sprinkled with on top .


TIP: Slice the carrots to as thin as you can manage with knife or use the slicer to get the even thickness when serving to guests.Thinner works better here.

Voila ,we have a healthy snack ready . I think for 2 carrots i used only four chips .

And I did eat them all……ha !ha!

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