Food on the go

…..But I have promises to keep,

and miles to go before I sleep,

and miles to go before I sleep.

It took me some time to understand the meaning of this very famous poem by Robert Frost. With this new realisation, I have understood that time is the most luxurious thing on this planet and needs to be spent more wisely.

People think that Women at home have all the time to cook and follow through fancy recipes, but the matter of the fact is that they have more work at hand with practically no help from their spouse( well you are at home to do housework) .To top it all if you have a baby and a pet to take care …only God can come to your rescue.At this very stage my quest for easy recipes and menus followed and i diverted all my research ,mind and energy towards finding them.

I am not done yet but still want to share my findings ,my experiences towards making healthy meals while life is on the go.

First of the series is my new found love for Pulses.Mixing two or three and blending them gives a much better texture to your dish and tastes even yummier.This following preparation highlights that the same ingredients can give you two different varieties of meals only if cooked differently and at different time interval.So prepare one day and reap the benefits for the next two days .The icing on this cake comes from the fact that this recipe is healthy and low fat. Not what more do we want ??


3 types of Pulses-Moong Dal, Toor Dal aka Split pigeon peas dal,

Channa dal aka Yellow split peas

One  cup of parboiled rice

Salt to taste

Black pepper

Coriander aka Cilantro

Grated ginger

Soak the pulses and rice all together.I would always prepare this mix a day before I  wish to eat.The next day we need to grind this mixture .I always use my handy hand blender and I get pretty satisfactory results .No need to add any more water at this point.What we are looking for is a smooth but not so fine paste and is still holding some granular particles.This is our batter which is now ready to be seasoned.

This batter can be now divided into two equal portions as we prepare two different meals.

Recipe #1 on Day 1


Season the first bowl with some salt ,pepper and some red chilli powder( optional)


Toppings are optional and can be totally avoided.You can just choose to make plain pancakes and they will still not disappoint you .But then I like to present them better and don’t want to leave any stone upturned when to comes to adding veggies –the most neglected item of the food chain.

I have used Broccoli ,Carrots ,Ginger and some cheese .These are finely grated only to be sprinkled on top of the pancake.With all these in place now you can start making them.


Let your non stick pan be warm enough .No need to sprinkle the base surface with any oil, just pour enough to let it spread easy making a good 8-10″ circle.

Do remember to reduce the flame as we still have work to do.Now sprinkle the veggies that you want in your pancake .Onions,carrots,broccoli and cheese ( optional) and then finish it with coriander .Dash some oil using Oil Brush ( I have used the soybean oil ,you can try it with olive oil or even with Ghee if making for kids ,the taste is just awesome ).

We will cook from the other side only for few seconds and here I would suggest to press the pancake a little only to let the veggies stick a little more .If you are using cheese (cheddar or mozzarella) skip the flipping part .Wait till the cheese melts nice and then just roll using your spatula.I have tried my best to demonstrate it below .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do try this recipe and share your comments .I am so glad you stopped by to hear my experiences  towards my mission of a healthy life .Thanks and see you again cause there is a part 2 coming up soon…….forgot ,we still have to use the second bowl that we kept aside.

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