Working as a successful, independent entrepreneur, veggies , protein, fruits and carbs all meant the same and somehow what to eat or when to eat never bothered me. When I did cook, I aimed for convenient, edible food.

Then tiny footprints entered my life and a lot of what I knew of myself, and my food philosophy, changed. Motherhood didn’t make me think I was wrong. I just felt the need to dig deeper and re-evaluate what always had been and do it with the goal of finding faster,  more nutritive ways.

What we eat and feed our loved ones Does matter.

The more I read, watch on TV or observe people, I am discovering so many processes and methodologies that have existed for so long, that no one questions them anymore. Each time I find myself automatically following what I saw my mother, grandmother, aunts etc do, a big part of my mind rebels and questions start sprouting in my mind, like freshly made popcorn. For eg: In traditional Indian curries, we add onions first and then the tomatoes, but what if I reversed the order? What if I didn’t add onions at all but added pumpkin instead? What if I didn’t use the traditional pressure cooker to cook lentils, but a pan instead?

So if you are as curious as I am, join me in my expedition to learn how to cook, fuse and substitute age old ingredients with new, fresh ones and create more nutritious FUSION food.

Live by the rules or make your own.