Yes! The final plunge!

Have to do this.

There is just no other way.

But first, something about myself.

I’m a crazy, daredevil, impulsive,fun loving ,graphic  and textile designer, crafter, who is a big foodie and now a mommy. I inhabit an imaginative soul who is forever looking for avenues to spread some creative magic. And to satisfy its hunger,  I have finally decided to stalk food.

I have to use these words because that’s what I am literally doing these days ….stalking food website, blogs, pictures and am loving every bite ,oops sorry bit of it .

As quoted by Eric Ripert (chef),

 “The art of cooking is when you mix craftsmanship at the highest level with creativity.”

I know I am gifted with creativity.  All i need to acquire now is craftsmanship, which only comes with knowledge, perseverance,practice, determination and experimentation.

Come along then let’s do it …Join me as I  learn how to cook , mix and create food magic in a non-conventional way!